July 2007
The Alaskan cruise was the first for the Tsais in many respects: first cruise, first to the Last Frontier, first "international" trip as a family. The Tsais joined twenty other friends and family members on excursions, experiences, and excess (of food).
All aboard the Norwegian Pearl! As the Tsais ate breakfast in Seattle and spotted the docked ship blocks away, Julie and George commented on how small it looked. That perception immediately changed as they walked toward the ship and discovered the numerous levels, restaurants, bowling alleys, casino, pools, gym, and shops.
Truth in Advertising

The cruiseline wasn't kidding when it said that the cabin had a partially obstructed view. With a huge lifeboat in the way, one could manage to see other parts of the outdoors through creative angles.

Cabin Fever
Rooms were cozy, but the service was excellent. Jaden loved the novelty of the bunk bed, and the crew always managed to put a smile on his face: from the daily greetings to the imaginative towel animals.
Jaden's search for onboard fun led him to the ship's Kids Club. Harrr!
A special kiddie pool had enough warm water to keep goosebumps off blubber-deficient toddlers.
Mmm... Gluttony
Food was such a big part of a cruising day. A 3-month workout challenge prior to the trip helped people feel less guilty about the indulgent diet.
Above: The midnight Chocoholic Buffet

Below: Ridiculous prime rib portions; Mark accomplishes the unthinkable: finishing his plate. Moo!

Above: Jaden can't get enough ice cream and (virgin) margaritas.

Below: The wrought iron gadget separating George and Damon from their meals is actually part of the Il Popo dish the two ordered.

The weather rained out any hope for a helicopter ride, so the Tsais took a quick tramride and jaunt downtown to sample some Alaskan cuisine (Chicken McNuggets at the local Mickey D's)
Equipped with his engineer hat, Jaden was ready for the White Pass and Yukon Trail. He befriended another passenger, and the Tsais enjoyed the scenic views.
Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Jaden panned for some gold flakes, but it wasn't enough to recoup George's losses at the cruiseline's casino.


Rain wasn't going to stop the Tsais this time from enjoying excursions this time. Julie and Jaden peeked through their ponchos to witness lumberjacks battle in ESPN-style competitions.

Aeeiaaeeiaaah... Watch Out for that Tree!
Meanwhile, George peered over 80-130 ft. ledges, trekked across skybridges, and zipped through trees.
Other Scenery