Past pictures and memories we came across, in no particular chronological order. Friends and family members, if there's anything you want to add or remind us of, let us know.
Archives - Julie and George
From Human Incubator...
March 2007
September Dairy Farmer
With the birth of Carson, Julie's role for the Tsais' second son shifted to his needs in the outside world. Julie took some time away from her schools to be with and nurture the little peanut.
One to Grow On

Julie concluded Year One at Olive Grove Elementary in 2005. The part-time job as a Title I Specialist utilized much of the skills Julie developed in Long Beach, and it allowed her to spend quality time with Jaden throughout his first year.


We enjoyed the facial expressions of Halloween partygoers after trying to set their drinks on George's costume. This fortune teller and crystal ball outfit has been our favorite costume to wear so far.


We aren't diehard comic fans, but our friends Marc and Amy told us that we had to experience the annual convention at least once. We decided to try it out in July 2003. We each dressed the part and headed to the San Diego Convention Center. There, we were able to meet our relatives, Shawn, Ben, and Sheri. We knew we fit in when overhearing people talking about us: "Gawd, there are a lot of freaks here."

Coach Julie

Julie ended 2003 teaching second grade and took a new role in education, outside of the classroom as a Reading First Specialist. Julie conducted training workshops, observed classroom instruction, modeled lessons, and worked with new teachers.
Although she misses working directly with students, Julie was excited with all the new opportunities for that year.

Wait Training

Before his administration courses could be officially over, George had to complete documentation in a 32-competency, six-inch binder. Joy finally came last December after George went through umpteen print cartridges, Costco crates of plastic sleeves, and the redwood forest in order to finish the project. The administrative journey was long and arduous, but he officially qualified to become a vice principal.

Archives - Friends
Summer 2005 Reunion
The summer trip down to SoCal always allows the Tsais opportunities to catch up with old friends.
Long Beach
Julie's second grade colleagues from Lincoln Elementary
Barstow in Long Beach
The Rodriguez, Changs, and Shinens meet with the Tsais at the Browns
The Giggles

Not quite the Australian singing and children's group, but we come close in terms of goofiness and cheesy factor. Since Scott's kids really enjoyed the colorful band, a little imitation might make us look cool in their eyes. Well, at least we tried.

Gift Exchange

After their 2004 winter gift exchange, the Browns, Abrams, and Tsais made use of the wrapping paper and ribbon to continue the Goofy Group Shot tradition.


In December 2004, Scot lost his struggle against pancreatic cancer. George's Washington Middle School family lost a well-liked member who always cherished life and unified colleagues with his sense of humor, friendship, and gourmet pizzas.

Del Campo Reunion - Class of '92

Since Julie, Amy, and Krista were mingling at their 10-year reunion with old high school buddies, what could their husbands do but act like fools? Ruffled shirts and vintage accessories, as well as newfound personality quirks, made for a more entertaining, embarassing, and enjoyable evening.

Barstow, CA

When you grow up in the High Desert, you have to be a bit creative to keep entertained... like dressing up and posing for a Sears "family portrait." (Believe it or not, that was George's real hair)


It started with an ice chest, a blanket, and maybe a radio if we were lucky. Over the years, we added more friends, camping gear, games, and elaborate knick-knacks to pack into the cars for Bruin home games. We were sad that our Rose Bowl tailgating experience ended in 2004 but wish the best for our fellow Bruins.

Archives - Family
Mark and Nichole with a newborn Jaden while visiting Southern California during Spring Break 2004

Julie's brother graduated from UC Davis in 2004. He postponed his entry into the real world by continuing with graduate education at three different colleges.


Paul and Bobby's wedding provided a rare reunion that brought together all the Tollefson siblings.

Frozen Diapers?

Jaden joined the annual Tahoe family retreat in 2004. His first encounter with snow had him instinctively sticking out his tongue to catch the flakes.

Diva May

Grandma May had her special day in the Bay area for 2005.

John and Chris

Julie's parents involved themselves with a church production in December 2004. They sang and danced throughout Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium. Jaden showed his approval by drooling over their program.

Chris celebrated her birthday with a family outing and some cake at Julie's and George's house.
Archives - Work
Part Deux

With a year under his belt and an added administrator on the team, George's stress level dropped exponentially during the 2005-2006 school year.