After three years of marriage, Julie and George finally anticipated an addition to their family. The "little bean" was expected to make its world debut on May 19, 2004. Many people provided suggestions on what the name should be. Among the ideas were Thor and any character names from American Gladiators: Laser, Saber, Ice, Turbo, and Tower.
The "bean" would make its appearance with lots of company. Julie’s school staff alone had 15 expectant mothers and 3 expectant fathers during that school year. A number of friends and family members were also having babies of their own within several months of each other. Something was definitely in the water.
Fourth Month
Fifth Month
Sixth Month
Ninth Month
Seventh Month
Eighth Month
First Trimester
Second Trimester
Third Trimester
Jump, Jive, and Wail

Okay, no wailing during this time. However, Bean was rolling, punching, kicking, and wiggling more than ever in his cramped quarters. Scroll down to view his ultrasound pictures.

September 30 (7 weeks)

The first ultrasound that showed us a tiny little mass with a strobing heartbeat.

December 1 (16 weeks)

To our relief, bean was still doing well despite being in a major car accident.

January 5 (21 weeks)

Bean was a-kicking. We were now able to see him wiggle around and move its limbs.

And how could we tell it was a he?
February 4

It's been said that the father will sympathize with the pregnant mother, but this was ridiculous. Not only did George gain about ten pounds, here is his ultrasound. (It was a her, and he named it Nia.)

February 18 (27 weeks)

Back to the real bean. Here, more facial features were apparent. He apparently had a case of the hiccups during these glamour shots.

March 25 (32 weeks)

We finally had a visual on what was kicking Julie's ribs the past several weeks. Bean's foot paused just long enough for a quick ultrasound snapshot.

Bean's head managed to take up most of the lower photo. (He was one week bigger than expected and weighed in at 4 lbs. 13 oz.)

The Next Chapter

Life in the womb continued until 37 weeks. After that, "bean" took on a new identity and made his presence to the world as we know it.