Memories of
Although Bruin's life ended suddenly on a Saturday morning in July '05, we took comfort knowing that his last moments were filled with some of the things he enjoyed doing most: wrestling and playing with his playmate Rocky.

Bruin's energy and playfulness will be missed. Even Jaden will be experiencing the void. At dinnertime, Jaden pointed to the door as he usually does to call for the dog. "Woo woo." No dog came to give him kisses and help him with the leftovers.
The Curious One

From the litter, we were deciding between two of the golden retriever puppies. While playing with them, we noticed one seemed a little more playful and curious about his surroundings. Several days later, we were able to pick him up and officially register him with the American Kennel Association as "Curious" Bruin.

Potty Training

Trying to get Bruin to associate reading with going to the bathroom wasn't as easy as it was for George. After several weeks and accidents later, Bruin had graduated from his first major training.

Big Trip

Once Bruin turned eight weeks old, we made a trip to visit our family at Lake Tahoe. There, he got his first chance to be closer to nature, meet new relatives, and play with the Tollefson's dog Rocky.

Backyard Bruin

Bruin had the largest living space of the family in Long Beach, with both the backyard and the garage to call his own. He also seemed to be attracted to water hoses, as evident from the picture on the right.


Bruin went to many lengths to find his toy, including peeking over the couch to see whether we've hidden it on the other side.

New Dog New Tricks

Not quite Letterman material, but Bruin picked up a couple of tricks. Here he practices how to "shake." We tried "roll over," but he just lied on his back, stuck out his paw, and waited for us to roll him over.


We're not exactly sure what type of music Bruin enjoyed, but he didn't seem to mind whatever was in our player at the time.


This self-initiated pose had us wondering whether Bruin was some swimsuit model in a previous life.

Doggies in the Window

Bruin and Rocky wait patiently to be let in at night. (Notice Rocky marinating his chew toy in slobber to share with us.)

It's a Dog's Life

Bruin found a consistent playmate with Rocky. The two spent considerable time together during the Tsais' transition to NorCal, and the Tollefsons' pool made the summer a resort. Although Bruin has his own place, the two dogs frequently reunited to relive old times.