The Tollefsons
Don, Cathy, Ryan & Heather, Tim, Sara, and Chris
They're Everywhere! Along with parents and grandparents, Julie also has her Uncle Don and Family living closeby.
Carson enjoying playtime with Tim and Lindsay
Snuggle time isn't bad, either
Ryan returned to Sacramento and began Tekscape, a service company to helped fill the niche for the home theater installation and tech support markets.
Celebrating March Birthdays 2007
Celebrating March Birthdays 2006
I'll Have What They're Having

The Tollefson kids always seem to find a way to entertain themselves.

George Has Competition

Don's family seems up for any challenge coming their way, keeping George continually occupied with what to do next for a stupid contest, challenge, or prank. George and Tim continually battle each other in eating contests, and the two are closely matched.

Prankology 101
With so many get-togethers, it's no wonder that mischief abounds. At one of the parties Don hosts, a plateful of dog cookies mysteriously surfaces.
That's L.O.W.
The Lawn Ornament War had its origins with two ceramic deer drinking near Don's pool waterfall. Although continually teased about the gawdiness of the fawns, Uncle Don remained steadfast in his decision to keep the two as pets.
The Tsais acquired their Sacramento home and found similar ceramic deer in their backyard. It only seemed natural that the Tsai animals snuck to the Tollefsons' home one night to join the other pair.
The war began, as the number of ornaments increased, all somehow secretly making their way to the other family's house.
April 2006: Round 5

Above: five deer, a rabbit, and two flamingos guard the countless Easter eggs peppering the lawn. Jaden assists with the cleanup while enjoying the "hunt".
Below: Easter bunnies multiply in the front patio

Most of the dollar store frogs hidden within the Tollefson home return (the others still wait to be discovered and found)
Two hundred water balloons carpet the Tsais' walkway.
Three months later, the Tsais returned the favor, giving the Tollefson lawn a patriotic theme.
December 2006
Stockings, inflatable Santa, bows, ornaments, marsh-mallows, and raisins
May 2007
Round 7
Additions: giant monkey, beach balls, leis, karaoke machine
In July 2005, Ryan was the first of Don's children to get married. As the photo shows, quite a few members from the Tollefson side came to witness the event.
Ryan and Heather have now returned back to Sacramento from Chico State.
Fifty Sense

What better way to celebrate Cathy's fiftieth than with a surprise 50s party? Don organized a party filled with poodle skirts, diner music, and memories from the decade.


When Cathy, who has a fear of roller coasters, mentioned that she wouldn't mind the Camp Snoopy ride, Don decided to surprise her with a trip to Minnesota's Mall of America. As luck would have it, Cathy will have to wait a little longer.

Tracking Julie's Cousin

From The Orion Online (April 13, 2005):

"Chico State sophomore Tim Tollefson prepares to clear a hurdle in Saturday"s Brutus Hamilton Invitational at UC Berkeley."

Photo from Chico State Track and Field


Christopher, Ryan, Sara, and Tim took time away from college, work, wakeboarding, and running, to pose for a quick 2004 pic.