Joys of Ownership

After years of paying rent and living in small apartments, we finally found a home to call our own in 2002.

It had everything we were looking for in a house: mirrored tiles on the wall, popcorn ceilings, gaudy wallpaper, and aging pink and brown carpet. With all these cosmetic features, Julie finally had a chance to work her interior decorating magic. Those endless hours of watching Trading Spaces finally paid off!


With a little bit of water, countless trips to home improvement stores, chainsaws, shovels, red paint, and a gift from the Gallos, we gave the front yard a little more curb appeal. Not much was done to the exterior of the house. However, the lights and the plants gave us a time extension before our neighbors could complain of an eyesore.

Dining Nook

Of the interior space that changed, the nook and the living room received the biggest facelifts. We injected botox and voila! Actually, once the mirror tiles were removed, the popcorn ceiling and wallpaper scraped, the drywall added, the carpet pulled, and the wood flooring sanded and coated, Julie performed her painting magic.

Main Bathroom

Looking at the original bathroom made us queasy. It looked as if someone had rubbed filth on the puke-green tiles, and the bathroom seemed dark. Julie had the answer: paint the cabinets white and change the blinds. But what about the nasty floors? We were able to use peel-and-stick flooring. After a long night of cutting and sticking, we finally had a place where George could sit and enjoy the room for hours each day!

Master Bedroom

Whoever put the wallpaper up made sure that it would last through the ages. Unfortunately, the style didn't. Once that was removed and the original floor readied, Julie painted the walls while George installed new blinds. IKEA and Trading Spaces influences gave the bedroom the finishing touches.

Half Bathroom

We dread to think the things bathroom carpet can absorb and accumulate over time. Thanks to the year-round schedule, Julie had one month to replace the flooring and give the walls some color.

Because of our move up north, we were unable to stay in our Long Beach home as long as we had originally hoped. However, we bring with us the memories of our first home as well as the friends and family we shared times within those walls.