Jaden Michio Tsai
April 2004
6 lbs. 11 oz.
19 inches
Three weeks before he was due, Jaden had enough with the womb with no view. Contractions began at 2:30 a.m. Julie, following the advice of her doctor, stayed home and waited until contractions were within 5 minutes apart. By 8:00 p.m., the contractions became intense enough for Julie to summon her chauffer husband. Once checked at the hospital, people realized the boy was ready to emerge. The hospital staff rushed to find their bearings while Julie attempted to squeeze the life out of her bedside railing. In one hour's time at the hospital, Julie and George were staring at their newest addition to the family.
Some quiet time with Mom minutes after Jaden's world entrance
The typical one-eyed scrunched-face newborn look
Jaden quickly finds out Dad's chest is only good for sleeping
Julie, Jaden, and Bruin are simultaneously attacked by the nap gods
Although we weren't able to include all Jaden's visitors, here is a sampling of the family and friend traffic during the first month.
The Baby Whisperers
Grandpa John and Greatgrandma May
The families visit during Jaden's first weekend home
Jaden meets cousin Anthony for the first time
Jaden just alert enough to meet Amy and Marc
Baby J is Attacked!
First by sudsy washcloths...
...then by spinning animals from up above
Jaden rests in between his head lift workout.
Separated at Birth?
Jaden continued to grow faster than our cameras could click. Our boy consciously smiled and laughed if he was amused by our goofy faces and sounds.
Jaden posed for his first professional photo shoot at six weeks old
(that's it for now... unless more comes up)