From 3 to 6 Months
Our boy realizes he can create a ruckus simply by flailing his arms and kicking his legs while in the tub. Our shirts, floors, and countertops become the recipients of the many splashes.
Jaden is contagious. His giggles prevent any of us from keeping a straight face. He can now recognize voices and grab at his toys.
In addition to being held and seeing goofy facial expressions, Jaden enjoys looking at a mirror and anticipating a tickle. He experiments with his voice and his motor skills.
Although not too fond of being on his stomach, Jaden is able to smile for the camera in this instance.
Six Month Checkup

Weight: 15 pounds, 8 ounces
Length: 24 inches

Baby Bruin

Jaden has collected quite a number of UCLA outfits, thanks to Uncle Ray. The import of Bruinwear is happily accepted by Julie and George to brainwash their son.

Baby Push-Ups

Not quite crawling, but Jaden is getting better at rolling over and building his endurance on his tummy.

Feeding Time

Jaden is introduced to solids. Although he didn't really take to rice cereal, applesauce seems to be more promising.

Friends Katie and Matea were able to pay a visit to Sacramento in the fall
Halfie Birthday, Jaden!