Six to Nine Months
Lights... Drool... Action...

Jaden's second photo studio experience helped create the family Christmas cards and photo gifts.

No Need to Call CPS

It's not something we ever want Jaden to enjoy, but our boy seemed elated behind bars during our trip to Calico Ghost Town.

Afterwards, we took him to the nearby saloon.

Still No Need

Although it may look like we were abandoning him, Jaden was making his first snow angel in his oversized bunting while the rest of us cheered him on.

Thanks, Santa!

Jaden's first Christmas replenished his toy supply and winter wardrobe


This console kept Jaden entertained and in one place, allowing Mom or Grandma to get ready for the day.

Case of the Missing Sock

Jaden always found a way to lose a sock (Here, you see him working on losing them). One shopping excursion had mothers and employees leading us on a sock hunt, giving us clues where they last saw it... without us ever having to ask them.

Popular Arm Accessory

The winter season brought together many family and friends, keeping Jaden socializing and happy with visitors and relatives.

Jaden began the road to teething. Along the way, he is encountering Drool Lake and the Sound and the Fury.

The meals became varied as Jaden experimented with fruits, vegetables, and meat. While his nose crinkled with the taste of green beans, bananas and carrots seemed to be his favorite. Interestingly enough, Julie ate quite a few bananas and carrots during the pregnancy. Coincidence?