Nine to Twelve Months
Increased interactivity, a sense of humor, and more mobility brought excitement during this trimester of Jaden's life.
Jaden enjoys some swing and slide time following his backpack ride to the park.
Left: A train ride through the park. Whee!

Below: Although not a big fan of the gargantuan helmet, Jaden still enjoyed the bike ride through the neighborhood.

SMADS Attack

Soccer Mom and Dad Syndrome affected Julie and George with Jaden's enrollment in Gymboree. Along with songs stuck in his parents' heads, Jaden socialized weekly with developmental peers and works at coordination, obstacle courses, and droolworthy toys.

Um, Honey, Where Did We Put the Childproofing Kits?
At the beginning of ten months, Jaden was pulling himself up. By the end, he was often able to stand and carry his toy.
Technogeek Already?

It isn't often that parents are able to take video or pictures of Jaden without his continual attempts to attack the droolworthy cameras. Here, Julie and George team up, allowing one camera to click while the camcorder works temporarily as the decoy.


Although not originally a fan of traveling when he was younger, Jaden developed a tolerance, finding ways to keep himself entertained: laughing, kicking, sleeping, or exploring Gatorade bottles. No 'I Spy' just yet...

Self Serve

Jaden often insisted that he feed himself, causing the laundry pile to grow faster and Bruin's belly to grow larger.

Solid Improvement

Now that Jaden is beyond baby food, meals are somewhat cleaner (although Bruin still enjoyed the leftover treats once Jaden was done.)

Jaden is:
  1. preparing for some type of magic show involving Mom
  2. learning how to perform CPR
  3. attempting to get Mom to sleep so he can get hold of the forbidden remotes.
Bedtime Rituals
Bedtime is near when Jaden's ducktub quacks and summons him to take a bath.
Jaden's favorite bedtime books include Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Snuggle Puppy.
Great Time Together

Jaden continues to enjoy interacting with the great grandparents

March Stats

Weight: 18 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 28.5 in.
Head: 18.2 in.