One Year
Jaden's First Birthday Party
The day started with a quick ceremony that promoted Ray from Best Man to Godfather and Krista from Matron-of-Honor to Godmother.
The celebration brought family members from all over California, including Great-Uncle Bobby (and new pup Gavin) as well as Grandmother Grace and her friend Grace.
Empathy Relay

Participants performed various tasks that related to Jaden's everyday life: cry, diapers, sippy cups, baby food, and struggle with balance.

Cake Like a Big Boy

Although partygoers were hoping to see something else, Jaden made his father proud by avoiding a mess. He looked at the slice...

poked it once or twice...
tried a little icing before calling it good.

Jaden had to deal with Mom and Dad wanting to take advantage of the summer season. Here's how he has managed:
Take Me Out to...

SBC Park was the site of Jaden's first ballgame. No peanuts and Cracker Jacks for him, but he got to watch everyone else chow down on the typical ballpark junk food.

The Ultimate Sandbox

Jaden enjoyed camping life, playing in dust and dirt. He couldn't quite figure out that walking downhill caused him to lose his balance and uncontrollably quicken his pace.

Drool in the Pool... Cool!
Purple lips, chattering teeth, funny swim diapers, and greasy sunblock. Jaden still found time to enjoy chlorinated water, go underwater, climb out of the pool, and try various toddler exercises.
Road Trip (From Concentrate)

A shorter summer break meant a more intense road trip. After the first stop in Morro Bay, Jaden survived several nights in Long Beach, then Barstow, and then San Diego before returning to Sacramento.

New Bedtime Rituals

Along with a bath and a bedtime story, Jaden's nightly prep now includes picking up his toys and brushing his seven teeth.

June Stats

Weight: 19 lbs., 10 oz.
Height: 30 in.

Just in time for football season, Uncle Ray provided the Tsai boys with the necessary gear to cheer on the UCLA Bruins.
Jaden is picking up new skills. Here, he attempts to simultaneously use his spoon, smile, and keep pasta from slipping out of his mouth.