Jaden 2.1
April to October 2006
Do You Remember Your First Beach Experience?
The feel of sand between your toes, the waves crashing in and pulling you as they return to the ocean, the bright sun reflecting against the sand... Watching Jaden take it all in and loving every minute of it was a highlight for the Tsais during their Summer 2006 trip down to Southern California.
Spring 2006 Photo Shoot
Jaden remained playful and squirrelly throughout the studio appointment. In between, the photographer was able to capture these moments...
Jaden can't hide his excitement with his first Easter Egg dyeing experience
It may look like Jaden was in a recording studio, but he was getting a quick hearing test at the audiologist's in August 2006
Now that Jaden is two, Mom and Dad are expecting him to do his share of the yardwork.
The Eating All-Star
Maybe his real name is "Mikey"
Jaden has come a long way since being spoonfed pureed foods!

In July 2006, Jaden began attending a Montessori school, where he involved himself daily with lots of learning games and hands-on experiences, as well as bringing and eating lunch on his own.

Loving Life
Life of the Party
Jaden's irresistible smile and laughter had even strangers swooping him up (see thumbnail pic above)
Choo choo!
-Halloween 2006
Part Two of Year Two