Jaden at 3
From April 2007
One, Two, Fwee!
Jaden's birthday weekend began with a backyard party and continued with a ride with Grandma Chris and Grandpa John. Not surprisingly, both events had their fair share of trains. Peep peep!
Three cheers for Jaden!
(with virgin mimosas, of course)
New Age
Jaden loves to stay active. Being 3 years old, he now enjoys the ability to do things independently...
...while still clinging on to the things he loves.
Promoted to Goofball
Jaden completed his first year of preschool in June 2007 and entered the "big kids school", or what Jaden calls "preschool school."
With this newfound sense of maturity--well, see below...
Mastering the Cheese Face
Jaden enjoys eating an ice cream penguin on his own and a breakfast smoothie with Mom
And the Winner Is...
Although the stickerbook seemed to win this round, Jaden seems completely content with the body takeover.
A Skedaddle to Seattle
The Emerald City had great weather and a terrific downtown atmosphere during the Tsais' summer visit. Jaden found two more reasons to love it.
The Seattle Aquarium made quite an impression on Jaden, especially when he came back home as an octopus in his "coral reef".
The hotel window was perfect for a 3-year-old: nine floors up, overlooking skyscrapers, a monorail, city life, and an excavation crew below
Back to School
The 2007 school year had Jaden bouncing right into his new environment. His teachers tell tales of him greeting the day belting Hallelujiah and being full of energy.
Silly Hat Parade
Visit from the Sheriff's Dept.
Tracing Letters
Spring Break 2008
The Things to Come...