Jaden at 4
From April 2008 to January 2009
June 2008 - Lake Tahoe, CA
Hanging with Mommy and Auntie Nichole. What could be better?
Force III
Soccer practice with four-year-olds... Thanks, Coach Mike and Coach Scott!
Halloween 2008
At Bishops Farm
Cows in CA now get better sleeping arrangements than this
Speaking of cows...
Jaden's First Pumpkin Carving
Jaden and one classmate took the initiative to draw flags of the world at school. This will be one interesting childhood experience.
Barstow - November 2008
Lake Tahoe - December 2008
Jaden loves staying active and maintaining his goofy, quirky persona
Being the shortest and youngest in the 4 - 8 year old basketball league can be difficult, but Jaden takes it in stride and is working on making his first basket independently. (January 2009)